Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Unknown to you #ATOZCHALLENGE

I wish I could tell you,
How much I adore you.
Every time I see you,
A smile blooms.
Every time I speak with you,
My lips curve.

I try not to fall,
But I already have.
I try not to show,
But I miserably fail.
I try not to love,
But I really do.

I know this is wrong,
For you belong to someone else.
I know this is impossible,
For fate will have the final laugh.
I know we are not meant to be,
For anonymous I will always remain..

P.S. : This is something I had written years back. I kept coming back to this every time I started thinking about the letter 'U'. It was like I had hit a road block and I had to climb over no matter how much I try to find my way around it.