Monday, April 25, 2016

Summers and Books #ATOZCHALLENGE

Growing up, summer holidays were my favorite part of the year. Those care-free days. Those endless badminton playing sessions. For me, it was more special since I spent my summer holidays with my grandmother at Bangalore. For a kid from Karur, Bangalore was this big city with gardens, parks, apartments, wide roads that were perfect for playing badminton. It still is, but a little more polluted and hotter than ever. I remember spending hours under the sun, with my grandmother calling out for lunch and tea. It was perfect. 

Then, the plague of summer classes hit. Suddenly, everyone was doing something or the other during summer holidays. I returned to Bangalore one year and was surprised to know most of my friends had taken up some computer class and were now speaking a different language now. Not to be left behind, I rushed home and told my uncle how I had to join a computer center immediately. Thankfully he refused and gave me books to read to instead. And as they say, rest is history. I am a self confessed bookworm now. 

What is your summer tale ? Share your experiences in the comment section below !


  1. yup, summertime always meant mountains of books of my choice (not school's choice ). reading whatever I wanted to :D