Thursday, May 13, 2010

A strange feeling of missing someone...

It is almost the last day of second year of college. All in hostel are happy about the holidays. But I am bothered. I tend to get a little brooding as the last day approaches. A touch of sadness. As a hostellite, i am supposed to feel happy that i will be going home soon. But I feel differently. It is this sense of missing people that haunts me during the last days of the academic year.
Being in college gives you a sense of togetherness. No matter, you know a person or not, studying in the same college means they're like from the same family. I dont know about other, but they seem so to me.
Today, I was walking on the college road. I saw some final years. I got this thought: "This might well be the last time you are going to see some of these people". I felt terrible. I get used to people easily. It is something like this : I see someone daily. Even, if that someone is unknown to me, I get into the habit of seeing them daily. So if they are not to be seen someday, I would feel odd. And to think that I will not be seeing some of them hereafter, it feels awful.
Oh, the intrications of human mind!!! I know very well all would come to this stage someday. But still, my brain just fails to register just that. I felt the same way last summer. I thought that I might get used to it. But, i ended up feeling the same way this year too.
I do not know why i wrote this post. It just wrote it in a flash.
To all the finals years of my college this year, "WILL MISS U A LOT!!!"

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My first trip to home as a hostellite !!!

I slept for four straight hours today afternoon and so here i am, again, sleepless, trying to while away my time. I had always wanted to blog this. Never had the time until now. So here i go....
October 25, 2008
It was a day i was looking forward to. I was leaving for home that day. I had not gone home after joining the college in August. I was in hostel for the first time and three months was too long a stay away from home.
There was supposed to be a human rally or something for which all the first years were supposed to go. As usual, i managed to escape... :P:P So i had the afternoon, all to myself. With packing over, i had a lot of time and so decided to bug a friend who was in the nearby room. It had started raining and the hostel floor, being slippery, failed me yet again. I slipped and fell down flat. Well, nothing happened. Thank God, i was not ready to stay behind because of some broken bones.
Due to diwali rush, i was not able to get a train ticket. I had a ticket booked for a bus from CMBT at 8 40. The plan was perfect. My uncle was to pick me up from college at 7. But as they say, things can go wrong when least expected. Rain played havoc. It rained so hard that day that traffic was paralysed in Chennai. Well, i do not exactly know if i am right in terming it as a heavy rain. Streets of Chennai get flooded with just a drizzle sometimes. Anyways, the end result was complete paralysis of traffic. My uncle, whose office was in Nungambakkam, was stuck in the traffic there.
It was 7 already and he was still stuck. He called me up n told me to take the electric train and come to Nungambakkam. I rushed out of the college only to find the Sardar Patel Road in a complete standstill. So i had to walk all the way from my college upto the Guindy Railway station, nearly for 3 kilometres.
Just imagine. 3 kilometres walk in the clogged road... with the one suitcase in hand and to top it all, my slippers got torn. I would have made a funny sight... A suitcase in one hand, torn slippers in other!!! But nevertheless, i was merry. Never in my life had i been more happier to get wet in the rain. The traffic was so jammed that on a particular bridge, i had to walk on the divider, balancing the luggages in my hand!!!
Finally, i reached the station, from there, my uncle picked me up in his car. I thought that my ordeals for the day is over. But not yet. We reached CMBT by 8 40. I went all the way running from the entrance to the platform only to find out that the bus has not yet arrived. I had to wait. I waited, waited, and waited. Finally, the bus arrived at 2 in the night. Phew, what a day!!! I reached home at 11 next day.

So the lessons i learnt from this:
1) Never trust Chennai roads and traffic...:)
2) If the plan looks perfect, be sure, something will go wrong soon...:P
3) One can have fun even admidst all the trouble...:D

The post looks too long, but couldn't help it... Bear with it...:):):)

A happy day admist hectic weeks !!!

What can be the best thing that can happen when you are in the middle of the exams and yearning for a break from it??? A day with friends.... :) :) :) Yeah, that is the best possible thing....
The day was The Mother's Day. As a loving daughter i am, i called up my mom and wished her. Had a little chit chat with her. With exams the next day and no mood to read, i ended up watching a movie. An interesting one.
A friend had invited me over for a lunch at her place. It was a meet up which was planned and got cancelled time and again. Somehow things worked out that day. She picked me up from the bus stop and another friend joined us at her place. Well, being an hostellite, it was great to have some good home food, had a nice lunch. It was fun watching her serve us lunch while her mom took the opportunity to complain about her so-called-kitchen skills :P :P :P
After lunch, she showed me around. Hers was a very nice, cosy place to live in. The best thing i loved about her house was the terrace. I have always been a big fan of open terrace and mango trees. Hers was a rare combination of both, a big open terrace and the mango tree that hovered over the terrace, cooling off the heat. The spot looked so inviting. Three of us settled down there, under the shade of the mango tree, on the open terrace, talking. We had so many things to share. We would have sat there, for nearly three hours. The trio of us, on the terrace, going on and on about college, school days, psychology and what not!!! I am sure, we made a fine picture, under the mango tree. There was not a moment in three hours when i felt any sort of monotonicity. As darkness crept in, i realised it was time to leave. Alas, i had Object Oriented Programming, the next day.
Things good conversation can do to you!!! I was refreshed, recharged and full of energy. Yeah, a day with friends can do all that to you :) :) :) I was so fresh in mind that i ended up finishing the preparation for the exam in just three hours :O :O :O I was astonished at myself!!! But then, i thought it was okay to prepare for three hours for an three hour exam :P :P :P
The day was very special indeed. Though it seems to be any ordinary day, the time spent with them on the terrace made my day. I realized something how much i loved them!!! This post is dedicated to the two friends who made my otherwise ordinary day extra-ordinary :) :) :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Short, really short flashback !!!

Well, as i sit down to write this post, i'm really not sure what i'm going to write. I am completely clueless. Yet, i feel like writing. So here i am, scribbling.
Two years of college gone !!! Gosh, quite fast.. I still remember my first day in college. So many laughs, so many tears, so many memories to cherish, all in just two years of college. I guess i will have enough content to write a 1000 page novel by the time i finish my college. No worries, i am not planning on writing one. :P
First semester was bliss :) Had a great time as the class rep. Got so many friends in both college and hostel. I would never forget my first trip to home from hostel. What an adventure!!! (will write about it in a separate post)
If the first sem was bliss, I could say the second semester was heaven :):) With classes a rarity, no one would have had the type of fun we had. Again, i was the class rep. And as a sacred duty, did my best to cancel even the rare classes...:P I made great friends in second sem, my gang of friends(me, subha, vaish, sharmi, shine n shangy). I met some really good souls in this sem. People whom i will remember always. Well, I had this strange wish.... to stand outside the hostel gate for coming late after the closing time and it got fulfilled at the end of second sem...:P
Then came the third sem. What can i say about it? The beginning of the sem was marred by a sad, very sad incident indeed :( The death of my closest friend in a car accident. I was totally devastated. My first year roommate, my confidante in college, she meant a lot to me. It took great efforts to act normal for a month or so. But, philosophically speaking, time is the best healer. Only then, i realised the real importance of time. We had planned so many things to be done together and everything was left undone. It was then i decided that i am going to live life as if there is no tomorrow. Cherish every moment. We, friends grew really close during this semester. Ah, those birthday cakes n those short, sudden outings, really unforgettable :):)
The fourth semester can be termed as an eventful one, academically speaking. I did my first out-of-the-college paper presentation at IIT kharagpur. What an experience!!! Then, the project for Kurukshetra. Our project was on THE SMELLY COOUM. I got to know many people in this semester and some of them, i am sure, will be remembered with lots of love and affection forever in my heart :):)
Thus ends a small sweet review of the two years of my college. A really short one.
Only as i wrote this, i remembered so many things. So many small things i had almost forgotten. As i started this post, i was thinking what to write n now i'm filled with memories waiting to be penned down. Guess i will be posting them soon.