Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A happy day admist hectic weeks !!!

What can be the best thing that can happen when you are in the middle of the exams and yearning for a break from it??? A day with friends.... :) :) :) Yeah, that is the best possible thing....
The day was The Mother's Day. As a loving daughter i am, i called up my mom and wished her. Had a little chit chat with her. With exams the next day and no mood to read, i ended up watching a movie. An interesting one.
A friend had invited me over for a lunch at her place. It was a meet up which was planned and got cancelled time and again. Somehow things worked out that day. She picked me up from the bus stop and another friend joined us at her place. Well, being an hostellite, it was great to have some good home food, had a nice lunch. It was fun watching her serve us lunch while her mom took the opportunity to complain about her so-called-kitchen skills :P :P :P
After lunch, she showed me around. Hers was a very nice, cosy place to live in. The best thing i loved about her house was the terrace. I have always been a big fan of open terrace and mango trees. Hers was a rare combination of both, a big open terrace and the mango tree that hovered over the terrace, cooling off the heat. The spot looked so inviting. Three of us settled down there, under the shade of the mango tree, on the open terrace, talking. We had so many things to share. We would have sat there, for nearly three hours. The trio of us, on the terrace, going on and on about college, school days, psychology and what not!!! I am sure, we made a fine picture, under the mango tree. There was not a moment in three hours when i felt any sort of monotonicity. As darkness crept in, i realised it was time to leave. Alas, i had Object Oriented Programming, the next day.
Things good conversation can do to you!!! I was refreshed, recharged and full of energy. Yeah, a day with friends can do all that to you :) :) :) I was so fresh in mind that i ended up finishing the preparation for the exam in just three hours :O :O :O I was astonished at myself!!! But then, i thought it was okay to prepare for three hours for an three hour exam :P :P :P
The day was very special indeed. Though it seems to be any ordinary day, the time spent with them on the terrace made my day. I realized something how much i loved them!!! This post is dedicated to the two friends who made my otherwise ordinary day extra-ordinary :) :) :)


  1. A wonderful day it was. And this happy day does sound hectic with OOPS in it :)

  2. It was complete fun that day! :) :) :) WOW ! :)

    Ps: I wish to invite you'll again to have a jayashree-cooked lunch and let's see if that can be just as interesting :P :P :P