Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Short, really short flashback !!!

Well, as i sit down to write this post, i'm really not sure what i'm going to write. I am completely clueless. Yet, i feel like writing. So here i am, scribbling.
Two years of college gone !!! Gosh, quite fast.. I still remember my first day in college. So many laughs, so many tears, so many memories to cherish, all in just two years of college. I guess i will have enough content to write a 1000 page novel by the time i finish my college. No worries, i am not planning on writing one. :P
First semester was bliss :) Had a great time as the class rep. Got so many friends in both college and hostel. I would never forget my first trip to home from hostel. What an adventure!!! (will write about it in a separate post)
If the first sem was bliss, I could say the second semester was heaven :):) With classes a rarity, no one would have had the type of fun we had. Again, i was the class rep. And as a sacred duty, did my best to cancel even the rare classes...:P I made great friends in second sem, my gang of friends(me, subha, vaish, sharmi, shine n shangy). I met some really good souls in this sem. People whom i will remember always. Well, I had this strange wish.... to stand outside the hostel gate for coming late after the closing time and it got fulfilled at the end of second sem...:P
Then came the third sem. What can i say about it? The beginning of the sem was marred by a sad, very sad incident indeed :( The death of my closest friend in a car accident. I was totally devastated. My first year roommate, my confidante in college, she meant a lot to me. It took great efforts to act normal for a month or so. But, philosophically speaking, time is the best healer. Only then, i realised the real importance of time. We had planned so many things to be done together and everything was left undone. It was then i decided that i am going to live life as if there is no tomorrow. Cherish every moment. We, friends grew really close during this semester. Ah, those birthday cakes n those short, sudden outings, really unforgettable :):)
The fourth semester can be termed as an eventful one, academically speaking. I did my first out-of-the-college paper presentation at IIT kharagpur. What an experience!!! Then, the project for Kurukshetra. Our project was on THE SMELLY COOUM. I got to know many people in this semester and some of them, i am sure, will be remembered with lots of love and affection forever in my heart :):)
Thus ends a small sweet review of the two years of my college. A really short one.
Only as i wrote this, i remembered so many things. So many small things i had almost forgotten. As i started this post, i was thinking what to write n now i'm filled with memories waiting to be penned down. Guess i will be posting them soon.


  1. That is rather a wonderful account of the first four semesters. Short and refreshing :)

  2. Hi! landed on your blog from google..enjoyed reading your post about ceg as i m hoping2get in there. Nice to know you are from karur as well! small world after all.

  3. @nitin wait for the long and boring one.... :P

  4. @jyshri :)

    @nive yeah, a very small world it is... Good luck!!! hope to see you in CEG soon....:)