Sunday, November 16, 2014

'The Thing' for you

You know,  I had 'a thing' for you. I don't really understand how you missed it. But, I am sure I have always had 'a thing' for you.

Yes, it might be hard to believe. But I did have it. I am positive. What else do you call all the extra attention I gave you ? Do you really think I would do things I did for you, for anyone just like that ? No, I am not such a noble soul. Did you know ever wonder why I was being so obviously soft on you when you screwed things over? When the whole world was against you, I stood by you. Even when you pushed me away from your side, I was there. Hanging around the edges. Waiting for you to see 'the thing' and let me back in. Even now, when you have literally started a new chapter in your life, I am still here, exactly where you left me. Hanging on a cliff by a thread, still having 'a thing' for you.