Sunday, February 2, 2014

[11/365] The Golden Glow

She had always been the shy one, the one who will stop in the middle of her sentence if someone interrupts and never insist on completing the unsaid words. She was used to being interrupted and not completing her words. Then, she met him. He had a golden glow around him. He was always there, ready to hear, waiting for her to complete her sentences, no matter how long it took. He was there to make others listen too. With him, she grew in confidence. Now, there was a golden glow around her too because he was around. Recognition came and the glow grew more beautiful. But one fine day, he complained she had become too golden for him to stay around. He left her, all alone on the pedestal to fight off his own demons. She stood there, trying hard to maintain the confidence and glow when all she wanted to do was to curl around herself in darkness and disappear. Yet, she continues to stand tall with the golden aura around her in the hope that one day, when he's finished with his demons, the glow will lead him back to her.