Saturday, August 28, 2010


It is almost 2 30 a.m. and I have college tomorrow. But still I am wide awake. Can i be termed as sane? No, most of my friends would say a big 'NO'. Perhaps, i am not myself these days. It is like i am out of my own self and watching myself go by. Ah, I don't even know what that means. I feel so helpless and confused at times. May be it has something to do with the huge amount of idle time i get these days. Moreover, one can say, idle moods, when you don't feel like doing anything. All you want to do is think, think and think about some pretty confusing unanswerable questions which are sure to leave you depressed. I seem to have got loads of such questions which go round and round and round my mind and never lets me stay in peace. Like a ping pong ball, it keeps bouncing off, never resting.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

At loss of words....

Its not every day that i find myself unable to speak even a word while in company of people. Considering how talkative i am, i know its rare, very rare indeed. But, it was THE DAY. I was dumbstruck. The reason??? I was in company of one of my passed out seniors, awestruck by his words.
He sounded like a walking encyclopedia. Talk about anything, he had something to say and what he said was not some random crap but always something valid. I have met people like him before. They tend to act like a big know-it-all. But what i have not seen is the surreal combination of intelligence, simplicity and humbleness. He was a perfect mix of all the three. One hour of talk with him felt like i have been into a google search or something. Such was his prowess. But still, he had his innocence intact. His guileless self amazed me. Such a gem. A true genius.
With all my heart, i say this, hats off to you, Srinath anna. You are really great and sure to go a long way in life. I am really proud to have known a person like you. Good luck :) :) :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The August 15th....

Its been a while since i blogged. Not that i am busy, its just that nothing seems to interest these days. Okay, so lets get to something serious.
August 15th. The date rings a bell in every Indian citizen. Yes, the independence day. The day, when one can see people going around having the flag pinned on their dresses, the day when you see our tricolor flags hung everywhere. On this day, people try to show their patriotism and love towards our country in every way possible.
But the real question remains: Is it enough to exhibit patriotism on one single day??? Is it okay to be an ignorant citizen the rest 364 days???
Well, wondering why i am asking such serious questions all of a sudden??? Well, my friend had a project to do on patriotism and these things came up.
Patriotism is not paying respects to the country for just one day. It is about doing something for the country every single day. The definition of patriotism has changed over years. Back in 1947, fighting for the country was patriotism. But now, after 63 years of independence, it is not the same. Just saluting the flag on independence day doesn't count as patriotism anymore. It is lot more than that. Voicing your opinion about something that is spoiling the society, paying your taxes regularly, and small things like that count as patriotism.
So on this 64th independence day, wake up. Do something really for our country. Continue to do something small for our country every single day.
Happy Independence Day!!! :) :) :)

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

A post on friendship day

I had meant to blog so much today, but did not find time. Life is full of surprises. I got many shocks and sweet surprises. One sweet surprise was an old friend with whom i had lost contact for few months. Another surprise was another friend who pinged me for the first time on his own. As for shocks, i seem to get loads of them. I learnt how blind i am, not seeing the obvious. I seem to be the last to know of some things of very obvious nature.

All that was yesterday. Today is a fresh day, friendship day. A wonderful day dedicated to friends. Friends, the word itself brings smile to my face. They are the bestest things that happen to us.

A friend of mine said it must be "I'm still your friend day". I found this very appealing as it is this day friends who had a fall out or lost contact, take time to call up and talk. Whether it is "friendship day" or "i'm still your friend day", it still remains a special day meant for special people in this world.

To all my wonderful friends out there, love you all a lot :) :) :)