Saturday, April 23, 2011

Memorable (2)day!!! Part 2

Day 2 - 23 April 2011

With the previous day already filled with fun, I was looking forward to another round of it. This time, it was the treat for
QQuest 2011.

All were requested to gather at 1 sharp. The seniors (final years) gave us all a pleasant surprise by turning up in the traditional dress, dhoti and shirt. Of course, they were the topic of most of the jokes and teases, targetted at their dhotis especially. In lieu with the famous indian punctuality, we (all the second, third final years of SQC) left the college at 1 20 pm. The treat was arranged at Palmshore Restaurant, Santhome. There were nearly sixty of us. We all got into one single bus. The conductor looked very happy.

It was a buffet with one big hall for ourselves. Everyone formed a beeline for the food soon. Even our director had turned up for the treat. The food was delicious. More than food, it was the atmosphere around. We had a nice time, talking to the seniors, teasing them for the dhotis and a lots more. The atmosphere was so charged that some chose not to settle in one table, kept moving and there was someone who never ate from his own plate :P

With food plundered n tasted thoroughly, it was time for some fun. The gifts session. First the final years gifted a photo frame to the director with the whole QQuest 11 team. The real fun began after he left. We, juniors gifted the seniors. The highlights were the nicknames : 'Complan Boy' Vijay, 'Strict Officer' Mukesh, 'I hate girls' Vinoth, 'Body' Suresh, 'Mandy' Vivek, 'Brainy' Britto n 'Alice in Wonderland' Pooja.

After the gifts, there were some dances and songs and general fun, the highlight being the final years performance (if it could be called so :P ) and the proposal act by Manikandan. Soon, we left the restaurant.

But the day was not over yet. Soon a plan was formulated to go to beach and off we went to the Besse Beach. The Besse Beach personally holds a lot of memories for me, my first year batch outing, day out with friends and lot more. With the cool breeze, not so bright sun, the climate was amiable. We all rushed to the beach to cool our feets. Soon, we were drenched in water. After spending quite a time in water, we came up to sit on the shore. Now, on the shore, as usual, there were vendors.

The beauty of such outings is the sharing. The moment you get something to eat, it disappears regardless of who bought it. It happened with the soan papdi. Then, there was a small boy selling sundal. He was such a quick wit. To sell his merchandise, he made all the dhoti worn seniors 'Mapillais' and 'Machans'. It was so full of life and enjoyment.

Having a thorough round of fun teasing each other, around 6, we decided to leave for college. Again, the sights of small kids skating in the ring caught the eyes and some fifteen minutes were spent watching them skate, fall on their bottom, get up, skate only to fall again! It was a kind of mesmerizing to watch them. One of us took the initiative to awaken everyone from the enchantment and we reach college around 6 40.

Yet again, there was a small gathering at the internet hub, people ragging and nagging each other. I was caught amidst a long list of things to be brought from Germany. All good things come to an end. So did this day. With promises of getting the things in the list, finally I left for my hostel aruond 7.

So ended two days of complete fun n frolic in the middle of semester examinations. I still do not feel like getting back to the boredom and hence the result, this post :)

P.S. This post is dedicated to the 7 seniors of SQC who 'always made hard work look easy'. Kudos to you all :)

Memorable (2)day!!! Part 1

I always seem to have more fun during the semester exams, than the normal days. This time, in the midst of exams, I had the chance of spending two days filled with fun and food :) This is a post about to those two days :)

DAY 1 - 22 April 2011:

I had slept, the previous night, with a terrible headache. So I got up in the morning, feeling groggy and not so fresh. Nevertheless, there were so many things to do. The day started off with me n two of my roommates, filling ourselves at the Canteen and leaving for the famed shopping streets of T Nagar. All I had to buy was a big trolley and some clothes. We spent three hours roaming the streets, ogling at the dresses and ended up buying some too. We returned by 1 to college.

We had a treat at Zaitoon in the afternoon. A long overdue one, given by one of the best persons I have met in my college life. With a gang of 11, the treat was a memorable one. Our table were the loudest and the weirdest one. The dishes kept disappearing the moment it arrived at the table. Being a pure vegetarian, I had a great difficulty in saving dishes from the non-vegs who indiscriminately ate everything that came. Anyways, it was total fun. With everyone's tummy full, we left the place. Yeah, I almost forgot. There was one photo session in front of the restaurant.

Well, someone started the call for desserts. It was quite impossible to think that there was place left for the desserts, after all that we ate. Still, we proceeded to the Naturals ice cream parlour. It was empty, except for us. Now, ice creams have great power. The moment we stepped into the parlor, seeing all those scoops of ice creams, the temptation was too great to resist. Everyone had their own flavor, along with one of my friends singing one beautiful song.

Then, there was the thrill of catching a bus waiting at the signal with a trolley in hand when there was only 10 seconds left for red to turn green. Somehow, we scurried into the bus. At the college, we had to hear earfuls from the watchmen who advised us about taking Id cards everywhere.

The weather was awesome. It looked like it was about to rain soon. No one wanted the day to end. So we settled under tamarind trees. May be it was the climate, may be it was the atmosphere, or may be it was just pure emotions, no one would know. Everyone started singing aloud. Though there were some very good singers among my friends, there were quite a few like me who were worse bathroom singers. Still everyone joined in and went on singing aloud, causing a few heads to turn and few dogs to run :P :P

I could not stay with them till the end as some work came up. As the evening passed, the skies opened up, making the already perfect day more perfect with beautiful showers, a great respite from the summer heat. Thus ended a day of fun surrounded by friends.

P. S. This post is dedicated to that one friend who gave us the treat :) Thank you anna :) :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Turning over a new leaf...

Its been days since I put up a decent post. I seem to have had forgotten how to write at all. Yeah, I never thought it would come to this. Things have not gone the way I thought they would. Anyways, here I am turning over a new leaf.

So, with just one more year of college to go, I have already started feeling the apprehensions. But then, instead of worrying, it is always better to enjoy the moment. This semester, a lot of things happened. Many beautiful memories formed: Kurukshetra, Techofes, QQuest, Geohorizon, Sangarsh, IIT Bombay, farewell party, freshers party, UGC Project reviews and a lot more.

I have DAAD internship to Germany to look forward to. Now, this internship is one example of how things can turn out to be. Even, in the application stage, it had problems. One full day of scoldings from the HOD just to get sign in the No Objection Certificate. I thought this has to be the greatest trail. But I was wrong. The problems were yet to begin. Somehow, I got selected. First, I changed the internship dates to May and June. By the time it got confirmed, a new problem cropped up. The election commission went on to announce the dates of the general elections as April 13. After days of keeping the fingers crossed, finally the exam dates came out and miraculously, they seemed okay. I thought that's it. No more problems. But as usual, I was wrong again. Now, there are chances that a particular exam might be kept on the day I am supposed to board the flight to Germany. So, as in my friend's words, is there going to be another twist in the tale??? Don't know.

In the past few days, I have learnt a lot of things which I will never forget again in my life. Things always do not turn out to be as you expect no matter how sure they look at the moment. Surprises always spring up. Disappointments always happen. I read this somewhere: "When you do not get what you want, do not despair. May be, there is something better you deserve." May be, this is true. But all things said and done, it is hard to get over it.

I worked very hard for two things this semester which was almost like my dream right from my first year. But, both ended as a dream, never turned to reality. So, am I disappointed? Yes, I am. But then again the lines I quoted above got to me. May be, this is a chance for me to try out new ventures, a chance to get out of the routine. I intend to.

Here is a poem I came across that seemed so appropriate:


Life would be static, dull and boring without seasons;
So seasons come for varied and outstanding reasons:
The trees at appointed time would shed their leaves
And men would dump their anoraks for shirtsleeves.

The clouds are burdened and blighted now is the sun
Just as the moon slips into her convent and soberly becomes a nun;
Childhood gallops gaily into youth and its thrills
But youth dreads adulthood as they say its end chills.

Dread it or not - an ever open book remains age;
And everyone each year must read that brand new page.

Yes, life's an exciting book which we must turn over a new leaf -
Changes dog our every step every blessed day we live;
But like lizards we must keep sloughing off our old skins,
Aligning ourselves with the ever changing tale that life spins.

P.S.: This is a post dedicated to those who helped, advised and inspired me turn a new leaf over :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Mere words will never be enough to describe the sensational moment, the roar that went up in the TV Hall as Dhoni lifted the ball for THE INCREDIBLE SIX!!! All I could hear for the next ten minutes was the constant ringing in my ears due to the high decibel level in the TV Hall. There were hugs, cheers, howls, jumps and yeah, even tears, happy ones in some faces.

After 28 years of waiting, India has finally regained the cricket world cup. In a country where cricket is more than a game, more of a religion, this would be one single moment etched in the memories for ever.

Kudos to MS Dhoni fo his able captainship and salutes to the God of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar for he had finally added the only missing feather to his cap.

Team India rocks \m/