Saturday, April 23, 2011

Memorable (2)day!!! Part 2

Day 2 - 23 April 2011

With the previous day already filled with fun, I was looking forward to another round of it. This time, it was the treat for
QQuest 2011.

All were requested to gather at 1 sharp. The seniors (final years) gave us all a pleasant surprise by turning up in the traditional dress, dhoti and shirt. Of course, they were the topic of most of the jokes and teases, targetted at their dhotis especially. In lieu with the famous indian punctuality, we (all the second, third final years of SQC) left the college at 1 20 pm. The treat was arranged at Palmshore Restaurant, Santhome. There were nearly sixty of us. We all got into one single bus. The conductor looked very happy.

It was a buffet with one big hall for ourselves. Everyone formed a beeline for the food soon. Even our director had turned up for the treat. The food was delicious. More than food, it was the atmosphere around. We had a nice time, talking to the seniors, teasing them for the dhotis and a lots more. The atmosphere was so charged that some chose not to settle in one table, kept moving and there was someone who never ate from his own plate :P

With food plundered n tasted thoroughly, it was time for some fun. The gifts session. First the final years gifted a photo frame to the director with the whole QQuest 11 team. The real fun began after he left. We, juniors gifted the seniors. The highlights were the nicknames : 'Complan Boy' Vijay, 'Strict Officer' Mukesh, 'I hate girls' Vinoth, 'Body' Suresh, 'Mandy' Vivek, 'Brainy' Britto n 'Alice in Wonderland' Pooja.

After the gifts, there were some dances and songs and general fun, the highlight being the final years performance (if it could be called so :P ) and the proposal act by Manikandan. Soon, we left the restaurant.

But the day was not over yet. Soon a plan was formulated to go to beach and off we went to the Besse Beach. The Besse Beach personally holds a lot of memories for me, my first year batch outing, day out with friends and lot more. With the cool breeze, not so bright sun, the climate was amiable. We all rushed to the beach to cool our feets. Soon, we were drenched in water. After spending quite a time in water, we came up to sit on the shore. Now, on the shore, as usual, there were vendors.

The beauty of such outings is the sharing. The moment you get something to eat, it disappears regardless of who bought it. It happened with the soan papdi. Then, there was a small boy selling sundal. He was such a quick wit. To sell his merchandise, he made all the dhoti worn seniors 'Mapillais' and 'Machans'. It was so full of life and enjoyment.

Having a thorough round of fun teasing each other, around 6, we decided to leave for college. Again, the sights of small kids skating in the ring caught the eyes and some fifteen minutes were spent watching them skate, fall on their bottom, get up, skate only to fall again! It was a kind of mesmerizing to watch them. One of us took the initiative to awaken everyone from the enchantment and we reach college around 6 40.

Yet again, there was a small gathering at the internet hub, people ragging and nagging each other. I was caught amidst a long list of things to be brought from Germany. All good things come to an end. So did this day. With promises of getting the things in the list, finally I left for my hostel aruond 7.

So ended two days of complete fun n frolic in the middle of semester examinations. I still do not feel like getting back to the boredom and hence the result, this post :)

P.S. This post is dedicated to the 7 seniors of SQC who 'always made hard work look easy'. Kudos to you all :)

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  1. That was nice! Made me re-collect my coll days. :-)