Saturday, April 23, 2011

Memorable (2)day!!! Part 1

I always seem to have more fun during the semester exams, than the normal days. This time, in the midst of exams, I had the chance of spending two days filled with fun and food :) This is a post about to those two days :)

DAY 1 - 22 April 2011:

I had slept, the previous night, with a terrible headache. So I got up in the morning, feeling groggy and not so fresh. Nevertheless, there were so many things to do. The day started off with me n two of my roommates, filling ourselves at the Canteen and leaving for the famed shopping streets of T Nagar. All I had to buy was a big trolley and some clothes. We spent three hours roaming the streets, ogling at the dresses and ended up buying some too. We returned by 1 to college.

We had a treat at Zaitoon in the afternoon. A long overdue one, given by one of the best persons I have met in my college life. With a gang of 11, the treat was a memorable one. Our table were the loudest and the weirdest one. The dishes kept disappearing the moment it arrived at the table. Being a pure vegetarian, I had a great difficulty in saving dishes from the non-vegs who indiscriminately ate everything that came. Anyways, it was total fun. With everyone's tummy full, we left the place. Yeah, I almost forgot. There was one photo session in front of the restaurant.

Well, someone started the call for desserts. It was quite impossible to think that there was place left for the desserts, after all that we ate. Still, we proceeded to the Naturals ice cream parlour. It was empty, except for us. Now, ice creams have great power. The moment we stepped into the parlor, seeing all those scoops of ice creams, the temptation was too great to resist. Everyone had their own flavor, along with one of my friends singing one beautiful song.

Then, there was the thrill of catching a bus waiting at the signal with a trolley in hand when there was only 10 seconds left for red to turn green. Somehow, we scurried into the bus. At the college, we had to hear earfuls from the watchmen who advised us about taking Id cards everywhere.

The weather was awesome. It looked like it was about to rain soon. No one wanted the day to end. So we settled under tamarind trees. May be it was the climate, may be it was the atmosphere, or may be it was just pure emotions, no one would know. Everyone started singing aloud. Though there were some very good singers among my friends, there were quite a few like me who were worse bathroom singers. Still everyone joined in and went on singing aloud, causing a few heads to turn and few dogs to run :P :P

I could not stay with them till the end as some work came up. As the evening passed, the skies opened up, making the already perfect day more perfect with beautiful showers, a great respite from the summer heat. Thus ended a day of fun surrounded by friends.

P. S. This post is dedicated to that one friend who gave us the treat :) Thank you anna :) :)

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