Sunday, May 1, 2016


I confess that I am in a hurry here. I am a day late and currently rushing to complete the A to Z challenge. It has been such a wonderful experience. Every day, the letter I had to write for the day was always at the back of my mind. I was looking for inspiration everywhere. Sometimes, the posts came from the discussions at work while sometimes they were based on the words suggested by my friends. The learning has been immense in the challenge. There were a lot of new readers and it has become a morning ritual to check my blog for new comments. 

Before I paint a completely rosy picture, I must admit the downfalls of having to write a post a day. Sometimes, I had to compromise on my sleep hours while sometimes I had to compromise on the quality. But the encouraging words from the comments section kept me going. Thank you readers. 

I am here finally, with zero posts left to write for the challenge. It has been a great challenge, testing both my preseverance and writing skills. But I pledge to continue to write, atleast a post a week. Adios!


You. Yes, I am talking to you. You know that you are awesome, right ? No matter what the societal norms dictate, you are indeed awesome in your own way. Our society tries to judge an elephant by its ability to swim and a fish with its ability to climb. We judge people without knowing their full story. I am not being preachy here. I have done it innumerable times myself. What I want to emphasise here is it does not really mean much what others think of you. In the end, all that counts is what you think of yourself. It has the power to change the way the society perceives you. If you look carefully, one trait you will find among all success stories is the self-confidence. It is given different names - conviction, self-esteem and sometimes even arrogance. But then, it is the underlying factor in all of them - knowing that you are awesome.