Tuesday, August 17, 2010

At loss of words....

Its not every day that i find myself unable to speak even a word while in company of people. Considering how talkative i am, i know its rare, very rare indeed. But, it was THE DAY. I was dumbstruck. The reason??? I was in company of one of my passed out seniors, awestruck by his words.
He sounded like a walking encyclopedia. Talk about anything, he had something to say and what he said was not some random crap but always something valid. I have met people like him before. They tend to act like a big know-it-all. But what i have not seen is the surreal combination of intelligence, simplicity and humbleness. He was a perfect mix of all the three. One hour of talk with him felt like i have been into a google search or something. Such was his prowess. But still, he had his innocence intact. His guileless self amazed me. Such a gem. A true genius.
With all my heart, i say this, hats off to you, Srinath anna. You are really great and sure to go a long way in life. I am really proud to have known a person like you. Good luck :) :) :)

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