Sunday, August 15, 2010

The August 15th....

Its been a while since i blogged. Not that i am busy, its just that nothing seems to interest these days. Okay, so lets get to something serious.
August 15th. The date rings a bell in every Indian citizen. Yes, the independence day. The day, when one can see people going around having the flag pinned on their dresses, the day when you see our tricolor flags hung everywhere. On this day, people try to show their patriotism and love towards our country in every way possible.
But the real question remains: Is it enough to exhibit patriotism on one single day??? Is it okay to be an ignorant citizen the rest 364 days???
Well, wondering why i am asking such serious questions all of a sudden??? Well, my friend had a project to do on patriotism and these things came up.
Patriotism is not paying respects to the country for just one day. It is about doing something for the country every single day. The definition of patriotism has changed over years. Back in 1947, fighting for the country was patriotism. But now, after 63 years of independence, it is not the same. Just saluting the flag on independence day doesn't count as patriotism anymore. It is lot more than that. Voicing your opinion about something that is spoiling the society, paying your taxes regularly, and small things like that count as patriotism.
So on this 64th independence day, wake up. Do something really for our country. Continue to do something small for our country every single day.
Happy Independence Day!!! :) :) :)

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