Thursday, May 13, 2010

A strange feeling of missing someone...

It is almost the last day of second year of college. All in hostel are happy about the holidays. But I am bothered. I tend to get a little brooding as the last day approaches. A touch of sadness. As a hostellite, i am supposed to feel happy that i will be going home soon. But I feel differently. It is this sense of missing people that haunts me during the last days of the academic year.
Being in college gives you a sense of togetherness. No matter, you know a person or not, studying in the same college means they're like from the same family. I dont know about other, but they seem so to me.
Today, I was walking on the college road. I saw some final years. I got this thought: "This might well be the last time you are going to see some of these people". I felt terrible. I get used to people easily. It is something like this : I see someone daily. Even, if that someone is unknown to me, I get into the habit of seeing them daily. So if they are not to be seen someday, I would feel odd. And to think that I will not be seeing some of them hereafter, it feels awful.
Oh, the intrications of human mind!!! I know very well all would come to this stage someday. But still, my brain just fails to register just that. I felt the same way last summer. I thought that I might get used to it. But, i ended up feeling the same way this year too.
I do not know why i wrote this post. It just wrote it in a flash.
To all the finals years of my college this year, "WILL MISS U A LOT!!!"


  1. It always does happen; it will happen to others, it will happen to me, it will happen to you. But and still, we'll be friends la! :D Good that u let out ur feelings ! :D :D

  2. Nice stuff. Reminded me of my college days. :)
    Don't miss out on these good times... do absolutely everything. Freak out. :)