Friday, July 2, 2010

Empty thoughts after a terse day

I am confused, bothered n feeling as empty as a hollow bin. Then, what the hell am i doing here??? I am not sure. One thing my mind has continually failed to register is the fact that people change. Though being told many times, it just fails to input the the idea. Reason??? The same answer again. I am not sure. But I am sure of one thing: if you expect a person to remain the same, you are going to be hurt. So never expect anything from anyone. Expectations hurt.

One more thing i am sure of, right now is, never try to think in others' place. I am not sure if i nailed it down right. Let me explain. Its like this: you have a thought, you are not sure of it, so you put yourself in others' place n try to assume how they would think. Trust me, such tries would lead to nothing but unwanted worries. So never think too much.

The last thought for the day: After you rant about your worries to your friend, if you thank them for hearing you out n if you go on n tell good things you really mean about them, they would dismiss you as just being nice n making it up to please them. So never tell good things about a person to the person himself.

Well, thats the end of it. This looks like the most terrible post i have written. But then, i wanted to write something, anything at all n hence the above result.


  1. Expectations do hurt, true that, but it's expectations out of one's own self that hurts more often.

  2. As random as it can get. A rather different post... A disturbed you scribbling in the most random manner :)