Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A magical evening !!!

How can a gloomy day turn to a most cherished evening of your life? Once again, the answer is friends:):):) Practical persons do not believe in fairy tales and i am a practical girl. But, the evening turned out to be really magical for me!!! It was like ' you are somewhere in a corner, with darkness slowly creeping in n suddenly, boom!!! there is light, which grows brighter n brighter n brighter until it fills up your entire skies'. This is how i felt today. From the deep gutters of my mind, i was escalated to the top of the world, all thanks to my wonderful friends :) :) :)

I was in SQC, breaking my head over how i am supposed to conduct an event on thursday when only the posters have been ready by tuesday. Then comes my friend who tells me, we have to meet one professor at the health centre n so i pack up and start towards the health centre n when we near the gallery gate, she says: "come on, lets go to the gallery". Only then i realise it. They were going to cut a cake for my birthday which had gone by during the summer hols.
WOW, i never gave it much thought after coming to college and so this was a wonderful surprise. Another friend also celebrates her birthday in the hols and it is customary that we both cut cakes together. So there it was, two beautiful square cakes with our names n candles on it, one in white n other one in pink. A total of 18 of them had come n we all made a pretty sight together :):)

Soon the birthday wishes were made and the candles were blown. The cakes were cut and gobbled while the icing on the cake found its place in my face and the rest of the friends' faces. Now comes the best part, one of the my adorable friends gave me an self made card with all eighteen's thumb impressions n some more from some special people. It was a really sweet gesture that had tears to my eyes which i succeeded in banking up to some extent.

But the surprise for the day was not over yet. My friends gifted me with Eric Segal's Love Story. I couldn't control anymore and there were tears in my eyes. It got the most unusual reaction. It was almost like yipppeee, she cried :) :) :) I was ssssoooo hhhhaaapppyyyyy at that moment :) :) :) :) :) We clicked away as many pics as possible. Soon we departed and i was back in my hostel room recalling the moments with the pictures. I also took some good pictures of the gifts i got this birthday. My nineteenth birthday would be the most memorable one. And this magical evening would be long remembered.P.S: This post is dedicated to all my friends in college who have made the world look beautiful and magical just for me. Love you all :) :) :) You are the best :) :) :)


  1. we love you too gayu!!!and we are really glad you liked the surprise..:):)

  2. i didn't know they were going to come up with something like this for you when they asked for my sign, lol. The chart looks wonderful! :) cheers! :) luv you too girl :)