Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My first trip to home as a hostellite !!!

I slept for four straight hours today afternoon and so here i am, again, sleepless, trying to while away my time. I had always wanted to blog this. Never had the time until now. So here i go....
October 25, 2008
It was a day i was looking forward to. I was leaving for home that day. I had not gone home after joining the college in August. I was in hostel for the first time and three months was too long a stay away from home.
There was supposed to be a human rally or something for which all the first years were supposed to go. As usual, i managed to escape... :P:P So i had the afternoon, all to myself. With packing over, i had a lot of time and so decided to bug a friend who was in the nearby room. It had started raining and the hostel floor, being slippery, failed me yet again. I slipped and fell down flat. Well, nothing happened. Thank God, i was not ready to stay behind because of some broken bones.
Due to diwali rush, i was not able to get a train ticket. I had a ticket booked for a bus from CMBT at 8 40. The plan was perfect. My uncle was to pick me up from college at 7. But as they say, things can go wrong when least expected. Rain played havoc. It rained so hard that day that traffic was paralysed in Chennai. Well, i do not exactly know if i am right in terming it as a heavy rain. Streets of Chennai get flooded with just a drizzle sometimes. Anyways, the end result was complete paralysis of traffic. My uncle, whose office was in Nungambakkam, was stuck in the traffic there.
It was 7 already and he was still stuck. He called me up n told me to take the electric train and come to Nungambakkam. I rushed out of the college only to find the Sardar Patel Road in a complete standstill. So i had to walk all the way from my college upto the Guindy Railway station, nearly for 3 kilometres.
Just imagine. 3 kilometres walk in the clogged road... with the one suitcase in hand and to top it all, my slippers got torn. I would have made a funny sight... A suitcase in one hand, torn slippers in other!!! But nevertheless, i was merry. Never in my life had i been more happier to get wet in the rain. The traffic was so jammed that on a particular bridge, i had to walk on the divider, balancing the luggages in my hand!!!
Finally, i reached the station, from there, my uncle picked me up in his car. I thought that my ordeals for the day is over. But not yet. We reached CMBT by 8 40. I went all the way running from the entrance to the platform only to find out that the bus has not yet arrived. I had to wait. I waited, waited, and waited. Finally, the bus arrived at 2 in the night. Phew, what a day!!! I reached home at 11 next day.

So the lessons i learnt from this:
1) Never trust Chennai roads and traffic...:)
2) If the plan looks perfect, be sure, something will go wrong soon...:P
3) One can have fun even admidst all the trouble...:D

The post looks too long, but couldn't help it... Bear with it...:):):)


  1. The rally, I remember that day. No sooner had the rally started than it rained, literally poured, heavily!

    Lol, A fall, again! Chaotic day i guess...

    Nice read.

  2. nice!! :D oh and btw, we were also asked to take part in that rally n we escaped ;)

  3. @ Nitin....what rally ??...I dont remember...
    @gayathri.....you must be one strong willed girl to walk all the way to Guindy railway station that too on a rainy day in a strange city... at night..Jeez

  4. damn my internet connection and my system...

    @ raja
    The rally da. It was for some lame cause. Most of the 3rd and 4th years skipped it. Many were forced to participate. Well, the ones who did take part had a terrible time.

    @ gayathri Wonder how, you being an hosteler, managed to escape

  5. @nitin: well, i always manage to escape on such things... :P
    @raja selvan: when u r away from home for three months for the first time in your life, ur will power would stretch to any extent i guess... :)

  6. was googling something and chanced on your blog. Don't know what you are, where you are....still your posts are good. Keep writing..