Monday, April 4, 2016

Crazy Decisions ! #ATOZCHALLENGE

Recently I watched a video about being crazy at Being Indian. The host asks people about the crazy decisions that they have made and for most of them, it was a career change where they left their current job and veered off the way their hearts steered them. 

This got me thinking about my crazy decisions. I remember what one could say a pivotal moment after college. I was in a bad mess at one point, depressed after having returned from a cold San Jose winter where the work environment and personal relationships had turned sour. I was a workaholic back then and was particularly stretched on a Friday when I had worked until morning 8.I decided to not turn up to office that day. Luckily my good mood was restored after we had a small party that night and next day my friend called me up to go with him on an impromptu trip to Pondicherry. I made a crazy decision that day and decided to go on the trip no questions asked. The people I met that day are some of my most favorite people today. I went on to become flatmate with girl I met on that day and we had a very fun year doing random stuff, ticking off our bucket lists. I am a whole new person now and I can confidently tell that it was that moment which resulted in all this. 

So have you had any such crazy defining moments ? Comment below !

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