Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Some short fictions for the letter of the day 'E'. 

Enchanted, he watched her hide the spoon in her pallu
The mystery of the missing spoons was solved
As he demonstrated his newly learnt skill to Mom as she put him to bed that night

'Excited to be back!' She said at the airport. 
'Looking for someone!' Her eyes searched the airport. 
'Found my home!' Her heart whispered when she found him in the crowd

Euphoric, she touched her mother
He had decided to keep her
Eagerly she waited in the womb to thank her dad

Exaggerating evidence pointed towards him
Still she refused to believe
He had promised to her a lifetime of togetherness

Emails were exchanged and the final date was fixed. 
And when the day finally arrived
Only one broken heart was left at the altar


  1. Wow! I don't know which of the five I love the most!! <3

    1. Should be #1 because you gave the word..