Tuesday, April 19, 2016


I am still trying to catch up to the challenge and spent hours yesterday contemplating on what I should write for the letter O. 

Finally, the inspiration came from an office discussion I had today. We all have our own little obsessions with things. For some, keeping the desktop clean is an obsession, while for some, not doing so is an obsession. I fall under the second category. I clean up my desktop regularly and then fill it back with all the downloads. Somehow, empty desktops seem to project emptiness into me and hence the obsession to keep it full. 
In the discussion I had today, I discovered many useful tidbits about people and the predominant obsession seems to be around cleanliness and orderliness of the surroundings. I do not know how people would be interested and patient enough to wind back the power cable of the laptop in the evening while all I seem to be able to concentrate on is getting home. I am not sure how many of you knew this, but apparently the toothpaste should always be squeezed from the bottom. I was ignorant of this fact and now I cannot stop thinking about it whenever I see a toothpaste. 

This set me off on a serious thinking mode about obsessions and I realized that this is the beauty of human nature. Every individual is unique and has his/her own ideals. As long as the obsessions do not become compulsions that intrude and trouble others, I think it is okay to indulge in them. 

Do share your obsessions, if you have any in the comments below !


  1. people have to take off their shoes to walk on my gold carpet.
    Workmen have to put on blue plastic overshoes if they come into my home.
    amazed at how obsessed I have been about keeping the carpet mark free



    1. Ha ha.. Looks like your carpet will be literally spotless !