Thursday, April 14, 2016


She eagerly waited for days. She had wanted to go and get some herself. Yet, she resisted the temptation. She was becoming too addicted to it and had decided to stay away for a while.

But now she could not wait any longer. He had finally arrived. Excited, she ran towards the gate to welcome him. She could barely contain herself as he spoke. She was looking forward to the magical moment as she stared at him wide-eyed. Finally he stopped talking and went back to his desk. Her mobile beeped.

She ran excitedly towards his desk. The email read 'Hershey's kisses at my desk. Valid until the stocks last !'

P.S. : Today is my 100th post on the blog ! A special moment indeed :)


  1. Congrats on reaching 100 posts. =)

  2. congratulations on reaching the 100th post... :) and what an interesting twist..!! i love kisses too

    1. Thanks Senha :) Looks like we might have more things in common !