Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Rainy Day

As she sat near her window looking at the rain, her thoughts went back to the time when she was with him. Those were the most beautiful days of her life. She had the most amazing time with him. Though they existed as two different entities, she somehow felt that their souls connected at the most basic level. It is very difficult to find a person who can complete the sentence for you, but it is more difficult to find a person who can understand what is running through your mind even when you don't say a word. She had found one. She remembered how they used to be crazy about rain and will go on long drives whenever it rained. She remembered the long conversations they had, sitting inside the car, stranded and waiting for the rain to let up.

It has been years since they last spoke. He had met someone who was the one for him. He had been absolutely crazy about that girl. As it always happens, the girl could not bear the sight of her and had told her that she will not commit to him unless they separate. She had seen him go downhill with rejection and depression. Unable to bear the pain he went through, she decided it was time she left his life. She had moved on to another city and pushed him out of her life.

After years of staying away, she was back in the city, at her home, sitting by the window and reminiscing about the old days. She had met people in the years that went by but never found the connection again. The city and the rain made yearn for it now. On a whim, she dialed his number. She was not even sure if he had the same number. After two rings, he picked up and said 'Hello'. She had a smile playing on her lips as she said 'Care to drop by ? Its raining'. And so it began again with a lifetime of stories to share.

P.S.: This post is a part of The Write Tribe - Ultimate Blog Challenge - July 2014


  1. Such a heartwarming tale, Gayathri. Happy that life gave them a second chance :)

  2. Second chance is the most wonderful thing! but, happens very rarely... beautifully penned :)

    1. Yeah.. Rare but very beautiful when it happens ! :)