Monday, July 7, 2014

Thoughts in the Dark Hours

She was frantic. She knew it was happening again. She was turning into an insomniac yet again. She tried hard to sleep. She knew dark thoughts haunted her in the dark hours. She remembered all the heartbreaks and the sleepless nights she spent, thinking how to mend her broken heart. She always found a way to stitch it back. She knew she was paying the price for being an emotional fool in this ruthless world. But, she had never let it get to her and change who she was. She was not going to let that happen, ever.

After hours of sleepless tosses and turns, she realized it. She knew exactly why she was feeling this way. She had let someone get close. Too close for her own good. She knew she will feel the void soon. But she had hope. Hope that soon something will happen which will fill the void. Last time, it was party and fun. The time before that, it was long hours at work. She wondered what it will be this time around.

P.S.: This post is a part of The Write Tribe - Ultimate Blog Challenge - July 2014


  1. Such a range of emotions she went through - she needs to learn not to worry so much. :)

  2. Gayatri, you have depicted her inner most feelings and thoughts so naturally. Loved reading it.

  3. Gayatri, u have given a beautiful expression to the complexity of human relationship, emotions and our minds.

  4. This is so relevant right now :) Beautifully penned