Tuesday, July 22, 2014

At Your Worst...

As they stood outside the shop peering down at the crowd mulling around the mall, she looked lost. He knew the reason but dared not to ask. She let out a soft sigh and asked 'So, I have heard all your stories. Now, come on, tell me about the worst thing you have ever done until now!' He was prepared. He knew she was an old soul. Someone who reflected a lot on life. He half smiled and said 'Perhaps, some things are better left unsaid'.

She sighed again. She had wanted to know his worst so that she will have something to hate about him when he left. He was going away tomorrow and still she was not able to accept the fact. He had been her companion for the past three months, always ready with a story to share. She was a good listener and he had very tall tales to tell. He contradicted himself in his tales sometimes which she never pointed out. She loved the teller more than the tales and hence had let it be. She had gotten used to his voice by now and to think that he will not be around from tomorrow caused her immense pain.

He saw her sigh and kicked himself mentally once again. He knew what his worst deed was. It was what he had done to her. He had knowingly let her fall for him. He had been curious about her. She had been everyone's darling. Always nice to people, always eager to help anyone who asked for it.  She looked perfect from outside. He was sure no one could be that perfect.  He had wanted to know if all that was real. And as always, he was right. He found out that she was what she was, not because she was perfect, but because she was damaged once and had managed to keep it together. She had become nice and caring because people had been rude and crass to her. Though he had his answer, he had been reluctant to let go of her. So he had continued with her, knowing it will all end when he had to leave. Their path went in different directions and both of them were too ambitious to let go of their paths. But what he had not anticipated was the feelings he developed. He had grown close to her and to think she will not be around from tomorrow caused him immense pain.

'Okay then. Bye ! Have a great life ahead' She said as she shook his hand with a heavy heart. 'You too' He said while all he wanted to stop those tears that he could already see welling up in her beautiful eyes. He turned away quickly and walked without looking back while she stood rooted to the spot, her eyes following him until her eyes became clouded with tears and he was out of sight.

P.S.: This post is a part of The Write Tribe - Ultimate Blog Challenge - July 2014


  1. aww, what a story! reminds me of why i hate goodbyes. :P

  2. Hello, very nicely written...liked it...

  3. I have a feeling it isn't the final goodbye. Few words unspoken await the interjection of the separate paths! :)
    (hoping that's it's a fiction or it isn't? )
    Best Wishes!

    1. Well, a clever question ! As in the post, some things are better left unsaid :)