Sunday, July 13, 2014


She could feel it in her. The incessant running that was happening inside her. She could not stop it. Like a bee buzzing, her mind was always on the run. She had assumed it will stop in time. But she was wrong. She was close to losing her sanity. A rainy day had opened her pandora box of memories and she was struggling to close the boxes again. Her thoughts in the dark hour were running wild and she could see where it was heading. She wondered how she would react if she saw him now. Will she run and hug him tight or will she say a nonchalant 'Hi' like she always did ? What would be his reply? She knew she must not have any expectations. After all, he was clearly non-committal from the beginning. They say the worst kind of love is the unspoken one and now she knew why. As she sat in her broken glass house, she remembered all the good things that had happened there and decided to forget the bad ones and move on. After all, he had taught her life is fun and it goes on no matter what happens.

P.S.: I have taken up The Write Tribe - Ultimate Blog Challenge - July 2014 and this post is a part of the same. I have tried something in the post here. Let me know if you can figure out what it is.