Monday, July 18, 2011

Remembering Her...

Its been two years since she left us. Time heals all wounds it is said. Well, it is partially true. Time does heal wounds. But it leaves scars. I can still see the scars. Every time I look at my college ground, I remember the day I sat with her under the trees talking nonsense.

I would not say I remember her everyday. But I get reminded of her in flashes. Sometimes, I feel she is still around me somewhere looking over me. Every time I face problems and it gets solved quite unexpectedly, I like to imagine that it is her doing, my guardian angel.

She was an angel in real life. Ever so patient, ever so smiling, there wasn't a soul brighter than her. Perhaps, that is why she left so soon. She was too noble to be among the humans. Whatever it is, she was my confidante in college. She has left a space in my heart that would always remind me of her.

We miss you a lot, Pavithra. You will remain in our hearts forever.

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