Thursday, July 14, 2011

Memoirs from Deutschland IV

Even before I left for the internship, I heard from so many people that Germans are workaholics. So my thoughts were prejudiced in that area. And what I saw there in the firs two days, them silence convinced me that my prejudices were well placed. But on the third day of my stay, my friend invited me for an outing in the evening and all my delusions about them were cleared.

My buddies took me to a Mexican restaurant. We would have reached there by six in the evening. Then, their group of friends joined us. I literally did not know anyone there. I was appalled by this thought at the beginning. But the thought lasted only for few minutes. After the introductions, it was fun through and through. They never let me feel like an outsider. I had my first cocktail that day. My buddy asked me hundreds of confirmations before he actually ordered for me one. The most remarkable of the questions was "Will you be able to look at the mirror after you have this?" I have always been up for adventures. So it was easy to decide. I was going to try it and I boldly said yes. I just had one cocktail that day while my friends had lots of them. The most astonishing thing was their steadiness. It is often depicted in Indian movies how people go flat after they drink. My buddy had three glasses of beer n a tequila shot. But he was sane still. His manners did not become burly as shown in the movies. As for myself, I did not feel any change at all. We left the restaurant at 1 in the night. The day became engraved in my memories as it was the day I had my first drink.

My prejudices about the Germans being workaholics also got cleared. Germans do work hard five days a week, but they party hard in the weekends. Weekends for Germans are very important and they really go out and enjoy life during the weekends, thus making up for the weekdays.

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