Sunday, July 10, 2011

My 30 day challenge

I was lazing around today, thinking how useless this weekend has been. It is my strongest opinion that weekends are meant to be lazy. Yet, seeing people around me busy made me a bit guilty about being lazy. So as I was brooding over the wasted weekend, I came across a Google Buzz post by a friend. It was about a TED talk by Matt Cutts. He spoke about the 30 day challenge, about how 30 days is just enough to form a habit or to get away from a habit. This talk inspired me to take up a 30 day challenge. At last, something fruitful has come out of the weekend.
So here is my 30 day challenge. I have just returned from a wonderful internship from Germany with lots of memories. I never took care to catalog them properly when I was there in Deutschland. My 30 day challenge would be to pen down a memory each for 30 days. Let me warn all the readers before I begin. The posts might be mundane, stupid or interesting.
Happy reading :)

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