Thursday, August 11, 2011


Having been away from my dear for long, I am back in the circuit!!! So what caused me to be away??? Well, I am a final year engineering student. So it is a kind of obvious. I was confused. Constant thoughts of options available and torrential inputs of advices from various sources dominated my brain, thus forming a big block which prevented me from writing anything at all.
Now, with all that thoughts away, I have finally found something to write about. The Rains.
Here, in Chennai, rain seems to have comfortably settled in its routine. It seems to have found a easy solution to save the city from its woes by raining in night without disturbing any of the daytime works.It stalrts raining at around 7 pm sometimes else 10 pm in the night, thus presenting an awesome climate to sleep on. If only I had time to sleep! It is quite pleasant to go to sleep with the rhythmic sound of rain. Pit-Pat, Pit-Pat, Pit-Pat. It is even more pleasant to wake up and find puddles of water to navigate through on the roads! (not said sarcastically!) I am simply loving it!!! (as in McD's)
Speaking of rains, I remember a friend of mine asking me a weird question at 3 in the dawn when I was all set to go to sleep in the pleasant company of the breezy rain. Here goes the question: "We normally say 'it is raining'. So what does 'it' refers to?" I tried answering and got examples quoted to prove I might be wrong. I finally gave up and went to sleep. So the question is still open. Anyone with a right answer, feel free to comment.

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