Monday, December 30, 2013

[6/365] A Recap from College days - Lessons Learnt

Below is something I wrote when I was in college. The fact that things have not changed much and I need a reminder of these things again is just pathetic.

Lessons Learnt 

I am exhausted, thinking of the same thing over and over again. How can one be so fickle? How can one be so manipulative? It is definitely beyond my understandings.

While I spent my time thinking of the happenings again and again, I realized something. When it comes to arguments, people generally do not see logic. Leave alone the logic, even the common sense abandons. All that is left is the rage to win the argument at any cost.

As one of my friends advised, the only way to deal with such arguments is to laugh it off. Few years down the lane, it would seem trivial. Though I do not want to get into the happenings (yes, that is how I like to call it), here are the few valuable lessons I learnt.

# Lesson 1

Though the world has moved on, there are still guys who feel their inherent dominant genes and no matter what, they will always feel so. A thing out of girl’s mouth carries as much value as the 25 paise coins does these days. As one of my friend’s facebook update states, by evolution, guys have been dominant and it would take some time for them to get out of it and until then women have to bear with their attitudes.

# Lesson 2
People can go to any level to get the work done. When someone wanted work to be done, they can come and smile and act like your best friend. But the facade will last only until the work gets over. It will be your mistake if you had given the person a second chance. You cannot straighten a dog’s tail nor can you bend the sunlight. It is one thing to get cheated by the facade and entirely another thing to know the facade and still go with it because all you want to do is to help in the work knowing full well that the person concerned is incapable of getting the work done. Enjoy the feeling! :)

# Lesson 3

Empathy is a bad emotion to feel. While people might call you compassionate, you will always remain an unwanted involvement to the problem. So learn not to empathize anymore.

# Lesson 4

Feminism is a good thing. A girl outspoken will be called names but a guy outspoken will be idolized. I did not see the need for feminism before, but now, I am all for it.

# Lesson 5

No matter what, everyone have an ego wall built around them. Some are scalable, some are unconquerable. Some are weak while some are iron gates. Things that might seem harmless to you might hurt someone else’s ego. So be careful when you deal with others.

# Lesson 6
Words. They have the power to create magic and also the power to create hell. So be careful with what you say. Watch it!!!

# Lesson 7 **The best lesson ever**

Silence is golden. Period. No more comments.

Note : People who read it do not get offended. This is in reference to the few. I agree, the rest are wonderful.

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