Thursday, December 26, 2013

[3/365] On being good and honest

Yesterday, it was just a question. But based on what is happening around me, I am sure of it now. It is not worth to be all good and honest. The world has almost become like 'the five monkeys in the box' experiment. In the beginning, it was planned. But as time went on, it became the norm. Now, no one wants frank opinion. Sugar-coated words please people. Words, in its most raw form is abhorred. I can clearly see manipulation working like magic around me. Its very tempting to follow the suit. It will solve many of my problems. Instead being accused of doing things that did not happen, it will be better to get blamed for my own actions. At the very least, I will have the satisfaction of having done it. I am trying very hard not to succumb to this temptation. I had pledged myself when I joined corporate that I will not become one among the many monkeys. I will not let it change my values and principles. People warned me but I was confident. Now, my stance seems to be faltering. Lets see how long I can hold out. 

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