Tuesday, December 24, 2013

[1/365] Being Pampered...

There is nothing like being home and pampered after experiencing cold US winter for a month. People say winter in California is the warmest. But having lived in Chennai for six years now, it is the coldest that I have been and I could not wait to get back. Maybe, naturally I am warm-hearted ( I know, some would disagree).  If anyone asks me the high point of my recent US trip, I would call out my return journey as being the one. Having been busy doing last minute shopping for two days, I had barely 4 hours of sleep during my last two days. I was so sleepy that I missed the takeoff at SFO. But what made the return flight awesome was the feeling when you are woken up with food served in front of you, which you can have and go right back to sleep. Yay, it was the best 15 hours I have had in the recent days.

P.S.: Home reminded me of so many things I used to be and now not. Everyone needs a nest to fly to, to hide from the big bad world and I can say, my nest is the safest :)

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