Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tom and Jerry Relationships

Well, I know the title can only  mean one thing. Cat and Mouse. One of my favorite cartoon shows ever. It is the only show where me and my brother who goes to sixth standard watch with equal enthusiasm. Cartoon network rerun the episodes n number of times and still I will watch it and laugh.
Okay,  now coming to the reason as to why this post has this title. Well, I have always thought Tom and Jerry share an amazing relationship. They prod each other and fight with each other like hell but when faced with a common threat, team up and do a great job. I had assumed this was an imaginary one.

In real life, one cannot argue\fight with a person all the time they are together but still manage to work together. There are emotions involved. After effects and thinking involved. I did not consider it a healthy relationship.
But my view has changed now. I can very well say Tom and Jerry is possible in real life. I am experiencing it. I argue with a person almost every time we talk. But still that person is the one I go to when I want to discuss things. Its because the arguments that is caused in the process actually enlightens me regarding the things I want to discuss and I understand things more that what I would have done if I had gone through the problem alone.
And now, I have realised it more than ever. Arguments are good and are mostly productive if we know when to stop arguing. Tom and Jerry relationships are fine until we know when to stop the fighting and start teaming up to face the threat.


  1. Good one Gayathri!! Even i've felt the same way many a times!!

  2. Your post has made me nostalgic, I used to watch cartoons with my brother. We have a seven years age gap and he used to call me DeDe from Dexter's Lab. And you are right, fighting, making up, even with emotions and logic involved is quite possible. :)