Saturday, November 17, 2012

My take on Thupakki

Its been long since I blogged and being sick and miserable in the beginning of the weekend is not just what I was pleased about. So I decided to brave my health and go to Thupakki, the recent release of Vijay.

Now, I am the kind of person who loves watching movies just for the pleasure of it. Logic takes second place in my list. But it doesn't mean I enjoy illogical movies. Yes, I can accept few slips in logic. And this is exactly why I loved Thupakki. Except for very few slips, the movie was completely engaging.

The pace of the movie was a kind of mixed bag. Few parts were really fast paced while some bore down on my patience with its slow pace. But overall, the story line was good an screenplay was great.

Vijay was a little different with his acting here. Come on, give him some credits. Yeah, he has had bad movies but an actor must be given some chance at redemption and Thupakki definitely counts as one of his best efforts at this.

So if anyone asks me if Thupakki is worth watching, I will definitely say 'Yes'.

And as my Facebook Status goes : 'Despite being bedridden and barely able to talk, I went to theatre to watch Thupakki and did not regret a moment of it!!! I'm not sure who deserves more praise, A R Murugadoss or Vijay...'

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