Friday, September 7, 2012


Dancing! I am brimming from the excitement of Dancing in a Flash Mob!!!  First time, when I was told there was going to be a Flash Mob in the office, I was a little bit apprehensive of joining in. But then, I remembered a line I read from a book "No change, No gain". So I decided to take a chance and joined in. Though I learnt classical dance in school days, I stopped all dancing related activities after school. So after four years, I was dancing and this experience definitely reminded me how much I loved to dance.

And what fun we had!!! I danced some steps I would never have if not for this flash mob. We had a very good dance master who handled the herculean task of making us all scarecrows dance. There were 20 odd people in the flash mob and we had all kind of weird movements and steps tested during the practice. We even tried to passionately recommended the famous bulb dance ragging step to be included. In the end, we did a variation of it. Our dance master did complete the herculean task. By the final rehearsal, everyone involved had found the dancer within them. 

The Flash Mob in itself was a huge success. In the rush and excitement, all I remember is the dancing. All self consciousness lost in the crowd. It was one exhilarating experience!!! 

So, here are three cheers to the Flash Mob! Hip, Hip, Hurray!!! \m/

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