Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy Teachers Day!!!

You will never know your true potential if not for your Teacher!
Facebook  has turned out to be a great source of inspiration these days. I found the above photo shared on one of my friend's timeline and something moved me to write this post. So here I am, yet again, hoping this time I would follow up regularly.

Teachers. Well, what can I say about them? They play the most instrumental role in everyone's life. I am sure all of us have that special teacher who inspired you to do things. Things you did not think you were capable of. Things you would not have attempted and succeeded if not for the trust the teacher put in. In my school days, I used to work hard just for the smile the teacher would bestow on me when she gave me the paper.

Well, then college happened. Though I had more teachers in four years than I had in entire twelve years of school life, my attitude did not remain the same. I guess, it happens almost with everyone. The teachers in school and college are never seen with the same eyes. May be, I grew up and changed or may be, the teaching at school and college level was quite different. But whatever may the reason be, the reverence I had for teachers a.k.a professors was inversely proportional to the the time I spent in college. But even here, I found one beacon. The sole teacher for whom I have utmost reverence. He was my first project guide, my mentor and a well wisher throughout college. I have not heeded to his advise many a time and learnt the hard way that he was always right. Yet, he was always patient and guided me through my college days.

To all the teachers who are responsible for where I am today and what I will become tomorrow, Happy Teacher's Day!!! And a very big thank you :)

P.S.: I know everyone has their own special teacher. Feel free to share about them in your comments below :)

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  1. Nice post !! Thank you dear .. feeling proud to be your teacher !!!