Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Take on Neethane En Ponvasantham

Well, it has been more than a day since I watched the movie and I am still not sure what to say when people ask me about it. Its definitely not the best, but is it bad? I don't know. The movie was just not what I expected.

The movie begins with a note : Some moments from the love story of Varun and Nthya. And that exactly describes the movie. It is in bits and pieces. Some of the bits are great while some just suck.

It is the every-day story of a girl and boy who love each other, but not enough to give up the egos for each other. At every point, it is their egos that clash and they separate. But surprisingly this time, the director has let the lovers have it their way and finished it with a 'and they happily fought ever after'.

The saving grace of the movie is its music. The film is a real treat to all Raja sir fans' out there. The way the music has been used in the narration of story is very beautiful. Without the music, the film would have been a total dud.

Another stand out feature of the movie I think is Santhanam. For the first time, the first song in the movie shows someone other than the lead actors. His one liners and 'chill out machi' provide a good diversion. The spoof of VTV is just hilarious. It seems Gautham Menon wanted to make the spoof of his movie himself before anyone else would get a chance.

If we ignore all these, the film looks very similar to Vinaithandi Varuvaya (to me, even the calligraphy of the titles looked the same!). It had the cliche 'Feet' scene, 'angry heroine's back' scene and the indecisive girl character. I guess, one can always expect such things out of Gautham Menon's movie.

Coming to the best thing about the movie, you will not remember a thing when you finish watching the movie. Yes, the movie requires your undivided attention. Otherwise you will not know what is happening and before you figure out, the leads would have moved on to another fight! I have decided I will never again venture to watch a movie before the reviews are out so that I will know what to expect.

To put it simply, Neethane En Ponvasantham did not live up to its expectation and the hype created before the release is the death of it.


  1. nice Gayathri... even I felt the same when I saw this film.,

    only the great thing in this film is Music by Raja Sir...