Friday, October 8, 2010

A day full of fun and frolic :) :) :)

Its been long since I blogged. I had been too lazy to write something and post it. But today, it felt special and so i am here to blog it.
The day began like any other day, me staying up late until early morning 4 reading a book and then getting up late and ended up going late to class too. It was Agni today and so classes got suspended after 10.
We had already booked tickets for Endhiran and so we were off to the theatre soon. Chennai buses proved its fickle nature as usual and we ended up going to Abirami Mall in Auto. We entered the theatre on dot for the film somehow.
About Endhiran, there is only one word to describe the movie-"incredulicious". Yeah, totally awesome. When lights came on during the interval, i couldn't see a single face in the crowd who was not wearing a smile. I was apprehensive of the hype given for the film. But after watching it, i realized the film was totally worth it.
So went the afternoon and evening and then came the night, there was Agni night events to look forward to. One of my good friends' team performed a variety show. Well, my throat went sore and my voice was hoarse by the end of their performance.
I thought the day was done but no, there was still more in store. One of my passed out seniors from SQC came and provided the perfect ending for the perfect day. There were nearly 10 of us and we all went to the stalls at the expense of that senior. It was the best two hours I have had recently. While i had a splitting headache before, it was replaced by laughter now. We all laughed so much and i loved every moment of it.
Further night events were totally forgotten in the wake of the fun we were having at the stalls. Soon it was time for us to return to hostel. Thus ended my day filled with fun and frolic.

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