Friday, October 22, 2010

Late night grumbles...

Its been a while since i blogged. Something seems to have gotten inside me these days. I have become hyperactive these days. My emotions are on a roll. I laugh easily and i get upset so easily. The best thing is I do not seem to remember why i am upset after sometime. I seem to forget the reason why i got upset in the first place. Sounds crazy, isn't it?
If someone comes up to me and asks "what is running through your mind right now?", I could give him ten different answers. Yes, ten different things seem to run through it.
First of all, there is my motivation letter to write for DAAD WISE internship. I am supposed to be writing that down now, but I did not have enough motivation to write the motivation letter. Ah, what a paradox!
Then, there is this finals of heptathlon which i am supposed to conduct. I am supposed to be showing the final format of the finals tmrw. Yet again, I did not want to do it.
Then, there is the assessments coming up. Though i have never cared a dime about them in college, still it is tiring to think about them .
Then there is this and there is that. The list of things to do and think goes on... I wish I could be in two places at once or atleast had a time turner like in Harry Potter.
Inspite of all the activities around me, I still feel bored. Bored beyond words. It all looks the same. Nothing new to interest. Nothing new to inspire. That is the reason i have been away from blogging for days now. May be one of these days, i will snap out of it.
Thats all for now. Off i go to bed, after yet another dull boring day.

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