Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cadet Kelly - A great mood lifter

I watched Cadet Kelly today. It is not a quite new film. But this was the first time I watched it. And I would say, it was not as bad as I read about it later. Actually, it had just the opposite effect on me.

Now, about the film, Cadet Kelly(2002), directed by Larry Shaw and written by Gail Parent and Michael Walsh, portrays Hillary Duff as a new comer to the George Washington Military Academy where her stepfather is the new commandant-in-charge.
The film revolves around Kelly misadventures in the Academy and how the clumsy newcomer becomes a perfect cadet in the Academy's Drill Team(which she first refers to as robots doing mechanical tasks).

Enough about the film, the reason why I am writing about the film is the portrayal of Kelly's character in the movie. She has been portrayed as a girl, who in spite of having divorced parents, is a happy teenager. This is the first instance where positive attitude shows in this movie. Though she resents the academy at first, later she realises it is not as hard to fit in as it seems to be. There are many instances where positive thinking is shown to bear fruits. The way she deals with her new school mates and its rules, her initial views about individuality and her pranks on the platoon captain left me quite happy and gay.

After watching the film, i read some reviews about the film and was surprised to find that the film was supposed to be not as good as it was expected. Oh, come on, how much more merriment can a movie offer??? Moreover, in the places where she offers lessons to her stepdad about being a real father, she is good, infact great.

My personal review of the movie would be this "You are in a dark mood, watch Cadet Kelly. She is sure to leave light-minded and happy" They say smile is contagious. It tends to spread out. Watch this movie and feel the Cadet Kelly's smile spread out on your face. I wouldn't say the film is for serious folks because the film has many obvious falling outs. But if you want some smiling time, make sure to watch it.
Happy smiling :):)

I read a review which said "young girls will probably appreciate Duff's spunky, spirited performance". Well then, I would say I am a spirited person and so I liked her spirited performance.

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