Monday, January 11, 2010

The new year resolution

Hi dear all....
A whole new year has begun. 2009 is a goner now. 2010 has dawned upon us with a number of promises and gifts. Personally, i am angry with 2010. Look how treacherously has the dates been placed that almost all holidays fall on week ends. A great loss to us, the students.
Yet, 2010 is a year of boons and prizes. Humanity has successfully completed a decade into the twenty first millenium. But if it continues at this rate, it is quite doubtful that the homo sapiens species will live to see the thirtieth century. yeah, i am talking about the pollution levels and the damages we are causing to our environment. At least in the land of Pandora, the Na'vis had their mother Eywa to protect them in times of troubles. We do not have any such shelter and hence it is high time we realized that we are pushing our mother earth towards the edge. If she snaps, we all are going to be in great danger.
So lets take a resolution this new year, to make earth a greener, safer and happier place to live. Go eco-friendly. Save earth from us, for us.

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