Wednesday, January 20, 2016

On Days like this

On days like this, I wonder
If  you ever tell you friends about me
On days like this, I ponder
If you stop and remember me in the mid-sentences like I still do
On days like this, I contemplate
If you feel the slight regret calling me a friend you 'had' rather than 'have'
On days like this, I try to remember
If I had forgotten the little things that I knew about you

On days like this,
When my thoughts turn to a depressing shade of grey,
I force myself to think
May be it was all a farce
May be it was all an illusion
May be I was in love with the idea of  you in my head
May be the real you would not have been as perfect
May be you were borne out of my need to have a fairy tale story to tell
May be you were nothing but a figment of my imagination