Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Liebster Award

Thanks Shanx for nominating me for this award. I have never done an award post before. But yes, things have to change. Shanx blogs at Embark With My Thoughts. I am really a big fan of the small fiction stories that he writes. They are quite poignant. Do check out his blog. 

Here are my answers:

1. One crazy serious moment that you laughed out loud at (a serious and dense atmosphere )

I had slogged for hours on a particular project at work. We finally completed it and there was mailer thanking all the hard work we put in and they missed my name. I come to office and I see my colleagues gazing at me quite seriously. When I heard what happened, my first reaction was to laugh out loud. I couldn't believe my bad luck. That pretty much settled the situation. (It is another story how I ended up in a corner later, not so happy )

2. The most notorious thing you did in your school days (embarrassing will work too if you’re fine :D )

I was always the ideal student at school. So nothing much there.

3. One movie/book/story that you really loved and the reason (doesn’t have to be romantic. If it’s horror then better)

Movie : The exorcism of Emily Rose - Being the late night owl, I had the habit of watching horror movies alone in my room. Now, I was there watching this particular movie and to anyone who have watched the movie, I do not have to explain the significance of 3 00 AM. It was one scary movie. But what was scarier was the time I finished watching it. 3 AM. I was petrified and I clearly remember every sound getting amplified in my head.

Book : I love reading. So picking a book is difficult. But I can write about the most recent book I read. 'Losing my religion' by Viswas Mudgal. I really loved this book because I had a bunch of friends who had gone through a similar experience (not all the entrepreneur stuff, but the other ones). So I really connected with this book and I could not stop talking about this for sometime. I even made one of them buy the book and read it.

4. How many times or days/moments or did you live any, were you totally survived on your friends money and stuff (obviously looting it all away because it’s yours)

No. I am always cautious about my financials.

5. A place that’s not famous in your city but you would want to go there at any point of time because it’s your favorite (shouldn’t be famous I say)

There is a small restaurant 'Liquid' near my home which serves the best maggi ever. I have really made it my thing to take anyone and everyone who visits me there. Chocolate room also features in the list. I have been there with all my favorite people.

6. Which super hero fan were you in childhood and how did you try to imitate them?(ever tried rotating in circles like ShaktiMaan ;) )

Ha, Got me there :) We had only doordharshan at home when I was a kid. So yes, ShakiMaan it is. But, never tried imitating him though. Always took his instructions of 'do not imitate this at home' quite seriously.

7. What would you do if you had money like Uncle Scrooge (no, I am not giving it to you. You’ve to imagine it)

I know it sounds a little cliche. But I would really start an NGO and try to help women and old people. Having lost my grandparents, I cannot see old people on the street. My heart goes out to them.

8. Reason you love your blog

Well, I started my blog when I was in college and it has seen my transformation from a naive, idealistic college girl to a hopefully more mature woman. It has been my venting place during all the emotional turmoils.

9. A place if you were allowed to visit immediately. What would it be? (write the first one that comes to your mind in a second)

Europe. I was at Germany for an internship during college and would really love to go back.

10. What’s your favorite food that you can’t help but eat at anytime and wouldn’t mind going lengths just to taste it.

I am a big foodie. So anything and everything. But my greatest weakness is dark chocolate. I just cannot resist it.

11. Love Rain? Love reading? (write about one awesome crazy moment about rain and reading if no to rain. If you love rain and reading plus writing, we’re already friends then :P )

Reading and Rain. We are definitely friends. I have already written so much about rain. But yes, I had the most craziest moment in rain very recently when couple of friends and me were caught in the middle of a heavy downpour. After waiting for an hour under a small roof for the raining to subside, we got tired and ran to the tea stall in the rain to grab a cup of chai. Well, after we got wet once, it was full on fun. Jumping into puddles in pouring rain, trying to navigate knee high water in a scooty, getting lost in the rain, I did it all on that day.


  1. Loved the Uncle Scrooge answers and yes, we are friends :D The maggie lover in me wants to visit that place now. Someday I guess ;) Thanks for accepting the award and wishes for many more.

    1. You are welcome ! And yes, if you were to visit Chennai, you must definitely try it out !

  2. interesting answers! watching a horror movie late night is a different experience and I love it!
    And yes, Maggi! anytime :D
    I <3 rains too!

    1. All of my favorite things in one comment :)