Friday, May 9, 2014

To That Aquarius Guy

She had always thought she was the Safe Type. The one who always chose the safer side when given a choice. The side where she was well cocooned and protected. She was this typical Cancer girl. What else can one expect ? But then, she met him, the Aquarius guy. He was the opposite of what she was. Outgoing, the kind of guy to take the riskier side just for the heck of it. At least, he looked so from the outside. Slowly, she befriended him. She found him rather sweet and soft on the inside. With him, she felt free. She learnt to choose the riskier side because she knew he will be there to accompany her even if it turns out to be sour. She learnt what having fun is and though she did have her fun, she was always conscious enough to be by his side. She rediscovered herself with him.

She also felt a little protective. But again, it was in her nature to be so. She turned judgmental only to realize later that she was being too judgmental. It was killing her not to know about the Aquarius Guy but she ended up asking the wrong questions in the process. Or may be the right questions because she now knew him. She knew he was the guy who was always in control and knew to make the right choice most of the time. Her trust in him only increased. Now she knew she could trust him with her life.

So to that Aquarius Guy, sorry for being judgmental and a Big Thank You for all the fun. Cheers !

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