Sunday, January 26, 2014

[9/365] The Fall

Once in a while, you meet a person and you feel a spark. You feel the intense chemistry at work. You can hear the bottles clinging and liquids boiling up a frenzy. You meet the person again. And again. And again. And in of those meetings, you get to know something that shows that you two can never be together. You can clearly see the pain its going to cause if you were to continue. You can clearly see the misery. A clever person will run in the opposite direction. Run far away so that you save yourself from the pain foretold. But sometimes, as a result of all "happy ending" movies you see and all the romantic novel you read, you take a chance. You take the fall. You chose to love unconditionally though you know it might never be returned. You think you are strong enough to continue loving and expect nothing in return. But what you forget is that if you decide to fall and not to get hurt, you need to make sure there is someone at the bottom looking out for you. Someone to catch you when you fall. And when you don't have him there, you are going to end up alone, broken, damaged and too cynical to take the fall again. 


  1. "A clever person will run in the opposite direction." But we all lose our mind when we feel that intense chemistry. Its a difficult choice to make.

    Sad part is that it always feels like the wrong choice.

    1. Yup, true ! Nothing feels right at the end...