Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Guy Next Desk

I read a post here by a friend sometimes back and I decided then that I must write something on the guy who sits next to me in the office. Incidentally, he changed teams and today was probably his last day as the guy next desk. So here I am, writing about the guy next desk.

I have the most intriguing character sitting next to me in office. We are almost like cat and mouse, one never agrees to the other without arguing on it. This person is point blank frank who gives the most honest opinion on things even if it means saying something that is so rude to be actually said. He is a proud misanthrope. A go-to person for all kinds of problem if you can actually bear with the attitude!  If he decides to help you, you can consider your problem solved. Such is his prowess. Getting into arguments with this guy is a waste of time as he has an answer to every question, yet I love doing that.

For anyone, their first job and first boss is special and in that way, I can say I am very lucky. I had this awesome person leading me. Someone who gave me my own space but still managed to steer me in the right direction. Someone to whom I can trust to ask any stupid questions and have him answer it (after a verbal jibe, of course!) I have learnt the ways of a corporate life from him. 

Personally, he has become a good friend. A person I turn to when I require honest opinion. A person I turn to when I need any kind of help. A person who can make me smile any time. A person who many a time acts as a mannequin to whom I speak my thoughts out and come to a conclusion myself. A person who never misses to point out any flaw in me. Also, my day is not complete without an argument with him. 

Now that he has moved on to a new team, I will miss all these. My desk will not remain the same without this guy next desk. You will truly be missed.

P.S. : I have always known that I am emotional. But what I did not realize was the extent to which I am. I spent buckets of tears crying over this change. 

P.P.S. : I guess there are going to be similar posts every time my team changes for I have an awesome team to work with. 

P.P.P.S. : I know I must not mix professional and personal life together, but then given the amount of time I spend at office, it is almost inevitable.

P.P.P.P.S. : Yay!! This is my 50th post! 


  1. Awww, I hope the guy reads this. It would make his day or even his life :)

    Its almost impossible not to mix professional and personal life. Especially when 70% of your day is spent at the office. I go through an emotional ride when something changes in my team too. Its only natural :)

    Congrats on the 50th post.

    Here's to many more.


  2. Thanks Sowmya! :) I have finally learnt to accept the change...

  3. Bla bla bla....

  4. omg i have the same relationship with one of my colleagues. our rapport is exactly like how u described. except, now i have changed teams and spent buckets crying over that change. Im going to miss sitting next to him so much!!