Monday, September 5, 2011

Memories of Teachers from School

I was lucky enough to have studied in the same school from Kindergarten to tenth standard. One of the advantages of studying in the same school during the formative years is the deep connection you have with the teachers.

I had teachers whom I knew right from my kindergarten. There was this particular teacher, Ms. Sigappi, who taught us English in tenth standard whom I remember from an incident in my UKG. She had pinched my cheeks hard on my birthday and I used to hate it. I went on to tell her boldly that I do not like it and she had asked sorry then. I was astonished when she asked me teasingly in my tenth standard if I still hated it. Such was her memory power. She was a constant source of support in my tenth standard. Her subject, English used to be my favorite and I had great expectation to score in it. Sadly, my score was lowest in English. I was devastated and could barely face her. But then, she was the one who reached out to me and encouraged me. When I secured state first in English in my board exams, I was elated. But more than that, I was happy that I had proved that her faith in me was well placed. She is one teacher whom I will always remember.

If Ms. Sigappi was my academic mentor in school, Ms. Sheeja was my personality guru. She was a vivacious young teacher who came to my school when I was in Standard VI. She majored in Chemistry. She was a malayalee who was brought up in Bhopal and recently moved to Karur. She was a great teacher who always answered all our questions unrelentingly, no matter to which subject it related to. She was the one who always encouraged me to participate in all types of events. I will say it were these events that gave me the confidence that I possess today. All my inhibitions slowly deserted me and I was able to grow into a confident girl.

Another remarkable teacher was my second school principal, Mr. Ramasubramaniam. He always had inspiring words to say to students, no matter how dire the situation may be. I still remember his motivating sessions with the twelfth standard students before exams. I can say that he was one of the reasons why I scored good marks in my board exams. 

On this day, I thank God for having given me the opportunity to study under such good teachers and to all the teachers who had molded me in to what I am now, I wish 'Happy Teacher's Day'.


  1. awww.. :) A very nice post..
    Made me miss my teachers who've been such an inspiration and guided me throughout! :)

  2. I have been a personal favorites with teachers all through out :P They've always had special significance for me :)

  3. wow!! that is really a nice post
    its really nice to c such a wonderful student in this world today!!