Monday, January 10, 2011

All that begins unwell....

Yeah, i believe it now. When you are surrounded by hoards of sadness, you can be sure that happiness is just around the corner. God gives us problems and sadness so that the happiness when it comes, is more sweeter and more satisfying. My day today, is a perfect example for this.
The day started badly. I got feeling awful, still fretful of what had transpired the night before. I wanted to curse the day I was first made the leader, the day I was first asked to hold some responsibility. Recently, a lot, a real lot of problems seemed to occur out of the responsibilities I hold and I just wanted to throw it all away. It just drained me off emotionally and all I could do at the end of the day was to flop down the bed and fall asleep, away from all the thoughts. I just wished I could run away somewhere.
Nothing happened the way I wanted it to happen. Walls kept springing up in whatever I tried doing. I was foul minded the whole day, ready to snap at anyone who dared to cross my path. I was hardly constraining my self. To add to my bad mood, my roommate went on talking in cell phone. The vices of the cell phones are too great to be explained in this post. I will save it for sometime later. So my roommates were not helping. The day wore off with me going around all sulky and haughty.
Then a friend texted me. I know, I shouldn't be putting this up as it is a breach of privacy. But still, its been long since I really wanted to blog so as to capture the essence of the moment to posterity. Wow, that was so cliched. Anyways, this friend of mine is outright innocent and was very bothered about something the others would have found mundane and commonplace. I was having a bad day. Someone else comes to me complaining. I should have felt worse. But the opposite happened. Seeing my friend fret so guileless just relaxed me and by the time i finished convincing that it was really nothing to worry about, I was smiling, I mean, really smiling.
There was no hint of my foul mood or the snappy one. The innocence just went out to my heart. I am sure I will never ever do anything to hurt such a noble heart. Good begets good, they say. So ended my day which started out as a bad one but ended with a smile :)

Note: This post is dedicated to my innocent, guileless friend who unwittingly brightened the end of my day.

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