Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Radio Silence

It is almost a year since my last post. I can easily say that it was a writer's block and escape but then it will not be true. I have had writer's block before. I know how it feels. It feels like your brain has emptied itself out, thoughts hung out to dry. But what happened in the last one year is slightly different. I was itching to write all the time. My drafts are filled with notes written both drunk and sober that did not pass the filter. The filter was a simple question - Is it about him ? The answer was always a yes. I did not want to be the pathetic writer who writes sappy posts about love. I am still not sure if I was allowed that emotion considering nothing really happened. How do you mourn the loss of something that was only in your head? My answer was by suppressing the urge to put it into words. Hence, the radio silence. 

I am going to try and not be the person who writes only sappy poems. This radio silence has to end. 

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